About Us

Company Profile

ISOFT ENTERPRISE® was established in 2010. ISOFT ENTERPRISE with the strong commitment to provide and serve customers with Computers, Printers, Camera Sales & Information Technology Services.

In order to provide the best Services/Solutions to the customers, we choose the leading global brand names like GoPro, Wasabi Power, GoPole, SP Gadgets, PolarPro, Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Canon, PQI, Prolink, Altec Lansing, iMemory, ADATA, Connectland, Maxell, Edimax, NU, Spyker, SteelSeries, S-Tek, Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson and others Global Brand.

ISOFT ENTERPRISE are carrying on the Business of Manufacture and/or Repair of Communication Equipment e.g. Radio-Telephones, Telecommunication Equipment, Repair of Domestic Electrical/Electronics Appliances, Import, Export & Supply of Telecommunication Equipment, Import, Export & Supply of Computer Hardware, Import, Export & Supply of Computer Software.

Services Offered :

  • Sales
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Software Solutions
  • Internet Services – Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Email Services
  • Networking
  • GoPro Hero  & Accessories
  • GoPole
  • SP Gadgets
  • Wasabi Battery Pack
  • PolarPro